Notepad sketches

I apologise once again for not being the proactive blogger I set myself out to be…But I will never forget about my readers and will aim to improve, I promise.

So I have most of these illustrations on my Instagram account but I’ve realised that I desperately needed to update my blog otherwise it’s slowly going to make its way to a virtual grave…..









This is Sydney…


These photos were taken in Double Bay, Sydney on the 1st of May 2016. It was the most sublime day. Around this time in my opinion is ideal because temperatures lower yet the warmth from Summer still lingers and we are lucky when we’re able to enjoy days like this out to witness nature’s breathtaking art. There were so many days during the months of May and June where the afternoon sky was painted into magnificent masterpieces. I remember taking countless shots on my phone just of the sky itself.

Current Mood


This was a quick illustration I did back on 8th of April 2015. It was an image from a magazine or an image online (I don’t remember exactly where) and I thought I’d do a quick sketch just for practice. When I was looking back through my illustrations this one caught my attention for some reason and since it was unfinished, I thought I’d add some colour to the background, and make some of the lines a little clearer. Although the finished (or unfinished) thing looks a little untidy, I kind of like this effect. As you can probably already tell, I like adding random things to the background.


Dear food…I love you


As the note states: Pine nut cookies & Honey lemon pound cake<3


Mung bean sprout, coriander, garlic and turmeric scrambled eggs, fresh tomato & avocado<3 


Almond cookies. Recipe adapted from Laura in the Kitchen, pine nut cookies recipe but I used almond instead of pine nuts and I didn’t dust the outer side with icing sugar. So the cookies are less sweet but nevertheless seriously addictive. PS: All her recipes are absolutely AMAZING!!! So I seriously recommend you visit her website<3


Japanese style Hamburg, avocado & coriander salad, Russian beetroot salad, brown rice<3


Melted cheese on buckwheat toast, potato salad with dill & parsely, side of avocado<3


Organic produce<3

Gemstones & Shooting Stars

I haven’t done any illustrating for a long time and whenever I try to start something I either procrastinate like a pro or I get impatient very easily. I know I have to start somewhere so I’ve decided to go back to drawing basic shapes and let out my inner child. Let’s see how I can progress from here….



Using acrylic paint I started by painting stars, circles and dots. I then outlined them with a black pen. This is starting to look like some abstract galaxy…


Finished! By applying filters, I end up with something I’m quite happy with; An idea for a textile print maybe?  

Title: Gemstones & Shooting Stars!

Taking friendship bracelets to the next level

I remember making friendship bracelets (aka. Brazilian Friendship bracelets) with my friends when we were 12 years old and selling them at school (illegitimately) before we were caught, reprimanded and consequently banned from selling them.

I had not even had the thought of making them again since grade 6 until now. I always knew these bracelets weren’t too hard to make, so I came up with the idea of making them again and reviving the friendship bracelet culture. Although these bracelets are pretty ubiquitous globally wherever you’d come across a beach-side store or the flee market, my challenge is to give it a modern touch, (or should i say ‘glamorous’ touch).

Friendship bracelets are basically made by doing a whole lot of knots using DMC embroidery threads. I used DMC Perle Cotton No5. There are only 2 types of knots you need to know so it’s hard to get it wrong (This link will take you to Youtube and teach you how to make them). Although you need to practice the basic knots first, as you would with any kind of skill, once you get the ball rolling you can easily tackle the basic diagonal and chevron styles, and then after that the world is your oyster!!


The design I came up with is the diamond design. My ‘modern-glam’ touch is the addition of Swarovski beads. I would have to sew them on with a needle so it takes a bit of time but when you see the finished product, it’s definitely better with the beads than it is without.

One of my simple pleasures in life is colour-coordinating ANYTHING. I know, it sounds so trivial, but seriously, whilst making these bracelets it allowed me to tap into that happy place in my brain where I was really groovin’ with my creative soul.

Here are some colour options for the beads:

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Here are some more shots of the creative process:

This project and much much more to be continued….